Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Importance of Hoof Savers For Your Horse

Your horse is your best friend; are you being his/her best friend by keeping his/her hooves healthy? A lot of times we concentrate on the health of our horses by worming them, immunizing them, finding the best hay, and feeding them supplements for his/her digestive system, joints, stamina, etc., but are we making sure his/her hooves are healthy? Other than keeping them trimmed? In this article, I intend to inform you about a wonderful thing called the “hoof saver”. The hoof saver is as it sounds, to save the horse’s hooves from wear and tear, bruising, sharp objects, etc. that arise from keeping our horse’s feet “natural” by going barefoot or no shoes.
Let’s face it, shoeing your equine friend becomes very expensive and everyone is talking about the new rave of going all “natural” with hoof care. Articles that I have read on hoof care emphasize the fact that constant shoeing can make a horse’s hooves become unhealthy and by going barefoot, we can bring back the healthiness to our horse’s hooves. Unfortunately, there is a transition period that the horse must go through to adjust to being “bare foot”.  During this transitional time, using hoof savers can help your horse become accustomed to going bare foot. Another use for hoof savers is for hoof care treatment.
How many times have you let your horse out in the pasture and called him back to the barn at the end of the day only to find out that he had stepped on a nail or cut the frog of his hoof on a sharp object? Horses are not our best patients and most will not stand still as you soak his hoof in a bucket of Epson salt and water. Hoof savers are an excellent answer to this problem. You can apply the medicine into the hoof saver and apply the hoof saver to your horse’s hoof and tighten the strap. The hoof saver is an excellent idea for hoof protecting when you decide to have your horse go bare foot, but also a great idea for medicine application; wonderful for thrush.
So, if you are looking for the idea product to help protect your horse’s hooves after you take his/her shoes off for the year, decide that going all “natural” is the right thing for your horse’s feet, or need to apply medicine for a certain amount of time to your horse’s feet, choose hoof savers and see the difference they can make in your horse’s hoof care.
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